Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Bonnet Contest

On the 23rd of April a local winery, Wide River Winery had a Easter hat contest. I took the day off, went to Goodwill and bought a couple of hats and odds and ends for the hats.
It was a contest for people and their pets.

Of course Baxter had to have a few pictures taken in his Easter duds. For the pets you just had to bring in a photo but for the people you had to show up with your hats.

Baxter is such a good sport about being dressed up. He knows he will get a treat and it only last for a short time. Unless it is just to funny and I keep taking pictures. He has figured out when to shut his eyes and I swear he does it on purpose. I don't know if the camera makes a little noise when you get ready or what. I have several pictures where he looks like he is asleep or bored to death. Of course no matter how the photo shoot goes, he still gets a treat. Such a Good Boy!

Joe and I sat and tasted the wine, and waited for the time to judge the hats. Several people that came in for tasting did not know there was a hat contest going on. It was cute because they ran out to their cars and scraped together whatever they could find.

It was very funny what they came up with. Who knew the strange things that are lying around in your car. Just another argument for never cleaning out the car.

There were several baseball caps, winter stocking hats, anything that would pass as a hat. The gal with the heart shaped balloon with a bear on the side was the strangest one that came out of a car. She said she had been to a museum a few days before and someone had made it and given it to her. TaDa! It was still in her car!

Here are the pictures of Joe's and my hat:
My hat had a big ole purple rabbit holding an egg on it. Joe said I had to walk like a Vega showgirl to keep it from falling off my head. He was right. We were sitting at the bar having our tasting of wine and I pulled out our hats to get ready for the judging when the lady sitting beside me said "Boy, She wants to win this!" We all laughed, it was pretty funny. But, hey, I took the day off of work, drove an hour to get there, ended up buying a case of wine, (they had 15% off a case that day) so yea, I wanted to win...
Well, we had the judging and guess what? Joe's hat won! His little camouflaged hat with the little purple rabbit and peeps on the side. His hat beat out mine! He won a bottle of wine and a small jar of wine jelly. I came in second. I won two wine glasses that have the Wide River Winery logo on them. I love the glasses don't get me wrong. I have been going to buy some when I have been up there. But, jees, he beat me. All the time I was feeling guilty that his hat was smaller than mine. I actually felt bad about it. The judge said she had never seen a camo Easter bonnet and that the purple peeps just did it for her. He was Grand Prize Winner! There was a guy from the Clinton Herald there taking pictures too!

Lucky Joe, he is just so lucky to have me as his wife.

I love the picture I took of him holding my hat after it was all over, I told him -To the victor goes the spoils!

You can look up the Wide River Winery (say that fast 3 times) on Facebook. They have a nice site and you can read all about them. It is a family owned winery and the owners are great. They make you feel special when you visit. The winery overlooks the widest part of the Mississippi River.

Got a nice shot of Joe standing on the cliff overlooking the Mississippi.

I am still waiting to see the photos in the Clinton Herarld. I looked at Mondays but didn't see Joe anywhere. I really want a copy to send to his sister in Florida, she would love it!

I hope you enjoyed our day before Easter outing, we had fun and even the weather was good. We have not heard if Baxter won anything yet, so we are still waiting for that. How could a face like that lose!?

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