Friday, October 14, 2011

Broken bottle

Thursday I dropped and broke my bottle of favorite anti wrinkle serum.  I have been using it for about 3 months and I finally found something that works and I like.  Well, in my rush to get ready to go away, I dropped it on our tile floor in the bathroom.  The glass bottle shattered and there was not much I could do in trying to save any.  The bottle was down to about a third left so I was glad I had gotten as much as I had out of it.  We were going with friends to eat out for lunch and I began to panic a little.  I had tossed the broken bottle and glass slivers in the the waste basket but then in my panic I reached in the garbage and pulled half of the broken bottle out and very carefully put my finger in to try to get enough to use on my face one last time. I was going out with friends, I needed some.  As I rubbed it on my face, I had to be very careful, stopping when I felt a little piece of glass on my face, there were a few I hate to admit.  Well, I made it with out a cut and had a great day with friends.  Today the big thing on my list of stuff to get done was drive to Clinton, about an hour away and get more of my favorite cream.  Thank God they had it and it was even on sale and I saved four dollars.  Some things a woman just can't be without.

Monroe trip

Yesterday hubby, Kim, Carol and I all went on a little road trip to Monroe.  It is a very cute little town with a nice square you can walk around with lots of shops and the court house is in the center of the square.  I did not realize it but we had not been to Monroe at all this summer.  They had a wonderful addition to the square. I was told someone donated a large group of wooden carved jungle animals.  They are great!  One of the store keepers told me the children just love them, and parents bring the kids to the square and shop and the children have fun with all the animals.  There were even some hanging from the court house.  I was told that soon they will be removed for the winter, I am so glad I got to see them.  The zebra was my favorite as you can tell.  Just loved them.  The picture below are geese flying over the lake near where I live.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good days

The weather has been so nice right now, kinda makes up for the bugs and heat we had this summer.  My dog Baxter has been the best dog ever the last couple of days.  I have been picking up sticks (unending job with 4 acres) and burning them as I go.  He stayed by my side the whole time.  Pulling sticks out of my hand before I could get them in the wagon, and pulling at my gloves...but he was happy and so was I.  He even managed to BRING me 4 kidding.  I told him to go get me a stick and he did, came over to the wagon and dropped it.  I was sooooo glad I had some treats in my pocket.  It may never happen again, but that day will be with me forever.   Our trees are almost at their peak right now and it is so beautiful in the afternoon.  Enjoy the photos and have great days where ever you are.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My 2011 vacation

For my birthday this year, (I turned 60) I wanted to do something BIG. When I turned 50 it was 911 and it was such a sad terrible day. My 50th came and went overshadowed by the thoughts of so many others. So this year as I turned 60 I wanted to do something, anything, just to celebrate. I called a girlfriend who lives in AZ and asked her if I jump out of an airplane will she?! She has been a long time friend and we both have our 60th birthday in September. We have shared each others lives over the years and I figured it was time to share another adventure. To my surprise she said yes!
I arrived Aug 4th very excited about skydiving. As I walked through the airport in Mesa I had on a pair of 60 glasses. I just couldn't resist teasing her about our upcoming birthdays. A lady in the airport walked up to me as I searched the people for my girlfriend and said to me "I bet I can guess how old you are." I thought that was pretty funny.
Our reservation was for the 6th, so we had some time to relax before the big day. There are not enough words to tell about our adventure. People ask me if I was scared.
You know, it was not so much being scared as not being in control of what was happening. There is no way to describe what it feels like.
So, just look at some of my pictures and let me know what you think. I will say I got the dry heaves when we landed on the ground and I had rubber legs. But I am so glad I did it. I am still on a high. I feel like I can do anything. I may get myself into trouble with that feeling. I told my hubby I felt like someone should slap me and he said he would be glad to. He is always so willing to help me out. I am wondering how long this empowering feeling will stay, forever would be nice. My friend loved it and would have gone up again that same day, she had no problem with the spinning and falling. That day there was no way I would have ever thought of doing it again, but now, I think I would do it one more time, and try to see if it still makes me sick. That was one thing I didn't even think of, thought of a lot of stuff that could happen but being sick wasn't one of them.
This last picture kinda says it all, enjoy.

yes, I am still here.

It has been a long time since I blogged, but now I am ready to start up again. In August I took a little vacation to visit a friend in AZ. I left my hubby and my Baxter (English bulldog) at home and was gone for 9 days. My husband told me that every day Baxter would get up and go over to my side of the bed and look for me. I thought that was so sweet, and I could just see him wondering where I had gone without him. When I got back home, the very first night, I was awaken by him standing by the bed, staring at me. His look was so intense. I talked to him a bit and he seemed content and went back to his bed. A little later I was awaken again by his stare, but this time he jumped on the bed (he is not allowed on the bed) looking at me intently and then walked across the bed, jumped down, returning to his bed. A third time I woke to that stare, this time he jumped up on the bed, staring longingly at me, laid down beside me and put his head on my neck. He was content, like she is home and she is here. I didn't have the heart to say "Get off the bed". It was his way of being sure I was there. I felt so loved at that moment he put his head down on me.

God Bless the animals, they touch your heart in special places. They keep us humble. I love my Baxter.

You will have to check back and find out WHAT I did on my vacation.