Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunny Monday

Today I was supposed to go with a girlfriend I hadn't seen for a while to celebrate her birthday. Karen's birthday was in March and we had not been able to get together due to goofy schedules. I was so disappointed when she called and told me she was not feeling well. We waited a few hours to see if it passed but sadly she did not feel better. We said our good byes on the phone and promised to try again another day. Now, I had to figure out what to do with what was left of a beautiful day.
I ate a late lunch but didn't taste all that great because I really had my heart set on a big juicy,rare, bacon cheeseburger. I changed my clothes and went outside and decided to plant a few bulbs that I had. As I finished my plantings I noticed some little white flowers..I was so excited!

This was my first spotting of spring flowers. The new little blossoms always perk me up and tell me that spring has really started.

Since it was so nice out I decided to walk our property. We have about 4 acres and it is mostly trees. I walked our little path in the back and I see we have a lot of trees down.

Looks like there will be a lot of clean up this year. (not much different than the other years..) The path we have in the back has a few trees down over it, so those will have to be cutup first..

Hope you enjoy the rest of my photos, just rural sightings as I drive home from work.


  1. Hi Sandy, oh I am sorry your lunch got cancelled, but what neat pictures! so glad things are starting to bloom at your lovely home..


  2. Hopefully your 'juicy burger' craving will be satisfied soon! Your photos are lovely!