Sunday, April 17, 2011

Girl Time

Everybody needs some girl time. This time it was with my daughter Lacey. I stayed overnight at her house after we both got done working at Poopy's. I had to wait about an hour and a half for her shift to end so I took my trusty NookColor with me to work. I sat at the bar and caught up on Facebook and played a game. Nook is really coming in handy. When she finished her shift we headed for her house.

Nothing says girls night like CHIPS-DIP and WINE!

My daughter has one of those XBOX Kenect gadgets without a remote and I just love bowling on it.

We ate chips and dip as fast as we could in between turns of bowling. The wine went perfect with the combo. So far as I know there is nothing that does not go well with a good red wine. Lacey beat me all 3 games, but we still had fun. I have had my share of winning in the past. I love that game without the controllers! I do not understand how it works but what a great idea!

After bowling we went upstairs to her bedroom and cuddled in her bed. We watched some cable shows showing couples looking for houses. We don't have cable so I had fun watching those type of shows. Her hubby Vinny is a drummer in a local band and was gone so we had lots of time to laugh, talk, play and let the day fall off of us. When Lacey got to tired to talk anymore I went to the guest room and settled in for the night. The bad thing with sleeping somewhere different is that I didn't have my favorite pillow for one thing, the other thing is that for years now I sleep with a fan blowing on me all night. (it's an age thing) I could not sleep because it was so dang quiet! I didn't know how much the fan blocks out odd noises and just has this pleasant hummmm to it. On nights where I can't fall asleep I have gotten in the habit of falling asleep to the tv too. Shoot, I didn't know I had all these weird habits! Plus (the age thing again) I was hot then cold, then hot.

Needless to say I did not sleep much.

This picture of Lacey and I is the next morning. She is ready to head off to work again and I am still in my pjs. Gotta love it.

Vinny was off today and was spending some quality time with the cat.
We had a nice bonding night. We are talking about doing it again, so I guess it wasn't to bad having mom around for a while. Vinny is very laid back and a good sport, he even told us that he would sleep in the guest room so Lacey and I could share the bed. I am lucky to have such a nice son-in-law.

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