Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Surprise in the mail!

beautiful ornament, filled with candy, notice the wrappers
What a great surprise we had today in the mail.  A large box from Andre'.  Andre' stayed with us a couple of years back as a foreign exchange student from Germany.  He was so much fun to have around.  I miss him and the little laughing jags we had. 

I feel like I won the lottery, chocolate and teas, really good stuff.  Enjoy my pictures.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case I agree....

mailman caught me in my pajamas, again
had to sit and try some out
Teas, love them and sugar stirrers

A special thanks to my friends in Germany, we loved the surprise!
Joe hamming it up for the camera          

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

So glad to see the new year come, in my last blog I said bring it on, and so started the beginning of my new year.  I had the flu, was unable to work the one day they called and asked me to in months, just now, today, I am feeling like myself again.  I slept till noon...mmm .. told my husband that I MUST have need to.  In those few days I had some of the wildest dreams ever, hope that wasn't a preview of the new year, no way, right ?
Well the good news is I have had my spell with the flu, no more for me,  not going to tempt the fates again.  I am so happy to feel like myself.... woow woow...

A little place near us had a contest  wanting you to tell about something you had done to "pay it forward".  I never have been able to talk about the little things you do every day to help out someone.  I think it is just part of our lives, to help others.  I figured my entry would be booted out because I said I was submitting my daughter for consideration.  She had taken me to Davenport and treated me to a wonderful meal at a place called Oska.  One of those reasturants that the guy comes out and puts on a show while he cooks your meal.  It was great food and really fun since it was my first time to go to a place like that.  I wrote how I didn't have 2 dollars in my pocket that day.  We went to a mall after lunch and she told me to pick out some things I needed at Bath and Body, bought me a pretzel at the mall and smiled so happily all day long.  I was so touched by her doing all of that and all the things she does everyday.  She is such a sweet person, and I helped make her that way.  Anyway, I found out last night that they picked my entry and my daughter won a one night stay at one of their cabins.  I was about in tears last night as I read the nice complements they gave me on how proud I must be of her. 
If you would like to see their web site just go to www.hickoryhideaway.com and check them out.  If you do look them up could you please tell them Sandy mentioned them in her blog. They are some of the nicest people and work very hard at making everyone's stay a wonderful memory. Plus, it is just fun to look at places like theirs.

Below are some pictures of my WINNING daughter.  Enjoy, have fun, and be happy.
being Lacey

wet thumb cleaning my face  ugh!