Monday, April 25, 2011

Just another Monday

The picture of the barn is something I drive by all the time. I thought I would share, after all I am a rural gal.

We have been having rain alot here, so my spring burning has been pushed back to whenever.

I do not know or want to know what is living in this underground burrow. It is recently remodeled.

These umbrella shaped plants are called May Flowers, they are just starting to pop, since the weather has not been that warm. Last year our woods and drive were just full of them, they look really cool when there are masses of them in the woods.

I raked some today to let my flowers pop and grow. One of our bridges to Iowa is closed because of flooding, just so much rain. What is it they say? April showers bring May flowers, how true is that.

I am sitting here at just about noon, having a glass of wine already, blogging, does it get any better? I think not. I do want to thank everyone who left a comment after I posted Loss of a Friend. Blogging is therapy, and I have cried my tears and will go on. It was nice to put my feelings down in black and white. I am ready for the spring clean up and moving on. Your comments helped me, and I am carrying on with my chores...

This is our crab apple tree and last year it was just beautiful! I am hoping it is this year but the cold weather may freeze off some of the blossems. It was a birthday present to my hubby who's birthday is in May, so it means a lot when it blooms it's little heart out..

Everyone seemed to enjoy my pictures so I am sharing more today. After an hour or so of raking leaves off my plants I thought I would take a walk in the woods again, see if anything was interesting out there. As always I see beauty in everything. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
If there is anything rural that you would like to see pictures of let me know, we have LOTS of corn around here, lots of cows, lots of barns, trees, little towns, so just let me know if you want to see something Rural.


  1. I love looking at barns and these photos are lovely. Rain, rain, everywhere! Love your shots. Anne

  2. Hi Sandy, I love all things the barns and flowers in your area of the world..always love to visit!