Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Rearranging

Last week we paid a gal to come and help us make some changes to our house. We liked her and most of her ideas were easy fixes which is very good. When I moved into my now husband's home he had a bar area and I promptly changed it to a pantry for all my food and baking needs. The pantry has served me well and I was content with it. This gal, Noreen, saw the space and said "take the doors off, open it up and change it back to a bar.. people who are looking to buy will love it." So now I am in the process of taking out all the food and baking stuff and putting our glassware, booze, and what ever I can find that says BAR, into the used to be pantry.

This would not be as much work except our cupboards are tall and I have to climb up and down the step stool with a few glasses in hand and it makes for a lot of trips. Our cupboards are so tall I can't reach the back of the top shelf to wipe it out, or to grab stuff way in the back. I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end. Who's end? The end of ME or the end of this task?

I have a china hutch that Noreen said was stuffed way to full so I have taken out all of my Yorktown dishes and packed them away in a box. I will try to just display my glassware and odds and ends in it for now. We will be getting all new handles for the cupboards to update them a little. That is an easy fix for us, although we have about 45 handles to replace. I bought one handle the other day and we put it on and lived with it a few days. Now we are ready to order the rest.
Bought new lamps for the bedrooms and one for the table in the living room by Joe's chair. I am liking the changes already, even with dishes all over the place, I can see where this is going. Ordered a new bed n bag set for the spare room downstairs to update that and I am looking for a hunter green shower curtain for the bath downstairs. We have some white wicker in the bath downstairs and Noreen suggested we paint it green. It is all white in that room and I like the sound of some green in there. Like I said her suggestions have all been good and easy fixes.
Well, I need to get back to work on the kitchen. We took some stuff into my daughters today and got that out of the house. We have a trunk full of odds and ends, (old lamps) to take to good will tomorrow. I have to say we are moving along in the right direction. I didn't want to start the spring cleaning this year and not have a direction, that was why I called Noreen for help. Now as I clean I know what needs to be done to make the house more sale-able


  1. sounds like hard work but do-able work!! Hope she helps things move along!! Darci

  2. It never hurts to get some advice from an outsider! We had the help of a stager when we moved the last time ... GOOD LUCK! It's a lot of stress and work!