Friday, April 15, 2011

Lousy Friday

Things aren't as bad as the title, but, I was to work 5-10 at Poopy's today and got a call about noon to say don't come in. Darn, I look forward to a few hours of work. The season for them is just starting to pick up. I haven't been there but a few days since last November. Weather has a lot to do with Poppy's business.

It is a biker bar, restaurant, tattoo parlor, motorcycle parts, and clothing store. I had fun last summer working there. I met a lot of nice people from all over. The photo of the young man eating a burger is at Poopy's Pub N Grub. He is eating the Big Poop. It is a huge hamburger, takes two hands to eat it, but it is good! I work as a cashier or hostess in the resturant. They are so busy you would not believe it. On weekends when the weather is better they will have bands playing outside on a stage. They offer free camping with a nice place to shower and clean up in the restrooms. Sometimes there has been a 2 hour wait for food. People come stay, eat, drink, get a tattoo, and enjoy the place.

Todays weather is just lousy. Cold, rainy and very windy. Baxter doesn't even want to go out in this wind. Made him walk around our circle driveway this morning and he kept looking behind him like something was coming after him. Wind was just howling, sounded like a freight train. I wore my winter coat and hat again this morning and was glad I did.

Happy Easter from Baxter and I. Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday.

After posting this I got a call to come in to work! Happy happy! They were so busy there was an hour and a half wait for a table! I was so pooped I slept till 10:30 Saturday morning... love the way it feels to be tired from a good days work.


  1. Oh Sandy, sorry you got called off, but spring weather is on the way I am sure, and the biker crowd will be out and about and heading to my fave place, Poopy's..Hang in there!


  2. Hi Sandy ... the weather is lousy here ... same as yours ~ windy, rainy and cool! Gotta tell you, I'm LOVING the last photo of Baxter with his Easter Bunny Ears on and the carton of eggs ... so CUTE!