Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A little something...

As an early Mother's Day present my daughter Lacey made an appointment for both of us to get a "spray" tan. Neither one of us had ever had one so this was to be one of those mother daughter things.

It is behind this door that it all took place. I was so excited when she first told me about it. I have seen the movies and tv shows where you stand in a neat little booth and these spray jets kick in and spray you as you turn around and around.

Not so with this mom's present.

You go into a room and there is a little popup tent, the girl stands in front of the tent and sprays you. Sprays you! You are standing there butt naked or whatever little amount of clothes that you like, and she is air brushing you... A little on the bizarre side for me. But what the heck! A gift is still a gift, right? It's the thought that counts, right? I kept thinking that Lacey was setting me up for a great photo opportunity. She could get me back for all the years of being a mother to her. I was a little more than scared.

In the room there was this odd looking machine, I didn't ask what it was or what it was for, but the name...and after I got over the name of the machine, what was that big thing on the side... ok, try not to think about it. I may have dreams about that machine....

This is the spray paint gun.

I had a lot of questions for this gal, Lindsay, when we got ready to go into that room. Does our $15.00 cover the WHOLE body, and if you run out of spray we don't have to pay more to finish the job. I had this fear of her saying, "Oh! I ran out of paint, that will be $15.00 more to finish you. Or worse yet, to hear giggling. Or the LOOK - Like "OMG, she has guts to stand there no clothes on, getting sprayed." Do you wear a bag over your head so if I see you out on the street I won't have to think "Yuck, she saw me naked!"

Ok,Ok, all kidding aside, Lacey and I had a great time. It was scary, fun, and worth the money. I went first, since I was the scared-est.

I had a little trouble with directions, like turn to your left, no your left. Spread your legs. Turn to the right, no the right. Lacey said she had a little trouble with the directions too. Bet Lindsay thought like mother, like daughter, sure can tell their related.

After it was all over we had a good laugh, and Lindsay was great through it all. She never made me feel uncomfortable, or weird. She joked and talked the whole time, and was very careful while spray painting you. She made me feel relaxed during the whole ordeal and that was not an easy thing to do. I still get undressed in the bathroom, with the door shut. Naked is just not a word I use a lot.

I think Lindsay will be seeing more of me, I like this spray tanning. It is quick, looks good and not to expensive. Yep I think she will be seeing a lot of me.
We had our spray tan done in Savanna, Illinois at Tangles Hair Salon, you can find them on Facebook. The gal that sprayed us was Lindsay Eissens, their number is 815-273-4886. Go ahead and try it, you know you want to....


  1. Oh wow you look tan !!! How fun !

  2. Oh I go to Tangles !!! I want to get spray tanned!

  3. I've been to Tangles, too, I want to get a tan when I come back there this summer!