Tuesday, October 4, 2011

yes, I am still here.

It has been a long time since I blogged, but now I am ready to start up again. In August I took a little vacation to visit a friend in AZ. I left my hubby and my Baxter (English bulldog) at home and was gone for 9 days. My husband told me that every day Baxter would get up and go over to my side of the bed and look for me. I thought that was so sweet, and I could just see him wondering where I had gone without him. When I got back home, the very first night, I was awaken by him standing by the bed, staring at me. His look was so intense. I talked to him a bit and he seemed content and went back to his bed. A little later I was awaken again by his stare, but this time he jumped on the bed (he is not allowed on the bed) looking at me intently and then walked across the bed, jumped down, returning to his bed. A third time I woke to that stare, this time he jumped up on the bed, staring longingly at me, laid down beside me and put his head on my neck. He was content, like she is home and she is here. I didn't have the heart to say "Get off the bed". It was his way of being sure I was there. I felt so loved at that moment he put his head down on me.

God Bless the animals, they touch your heart in special places. They keep us humble. I love my Baxter.

You will have to check back and find out WHAT I did on my vacation.

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