Friday, October 14, 2011

Broken bottle

Thursday I dropped and broke my bottle of favorite anti wrinkle serum.  I have been using it for about 3 months and I finally found something that works and I like.  Well, in my rush to get ready to go away, I dropped it on our tile floor in the bathroom.  The glass bottle shattered and there was not much I could do in trying to save any.  The bottle was down to about a third left so I was glad I had gotten as much as I had out of it.  We were going with friends to eat out for lunch and I began to panic a little.  I had tossed the broken bottle and glass slivers in the the waste basket but then in my panic I reached in the garbage and pulled half of the broken bottle out and very carefully put my finger in to try to get enough to use on my face one last time. I was going out with friends, I needed some.  As I rubbed it on my face, I had to be very careful, stopping when I felt a little piece of glass on my face, there were a few I hate to admit.  Well, I made it with out a cut and had a great day with friends.  Today the big thing on my list of stuff to get done was drive to Clinton, about an hour away and get more of my favorite cream.  Thank God they had it and it was even on sale and I saved four dollars.  Some things a woman just can't be without.

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