Tuesday, February 1, 2011

better not go

Got up at 6:30, showered, had my coffee and started packing a bag with all the storm survival stuff I might need. I had band aids, (just in case) dental floss, hand cream, magazines, wipes, a change of underwear, (in case we had a close call and I needed fresh ones) water bottles, blanket, my mascara, gum, crackers, tooth brush and paper and a pen. My neighbor Carol picked me up at 8:00 and we headed out towards Chicago. I think we made it 6-7 miles to Shannon. There were a few places the wind was blowing the snow so hard that it was a whiteout, and it hadn't even started to snow yet. We came upon several semi trucks in that short stretch to Shannon and they seemed to barrel out of the snow and fly past you in a cloud of swirly snow.
I am glad we made the decision to turn back and go home. The tension was gone, and a sigh of relief hit both of us. We will try to go another day, maybe Thursday. Carol is supposed to get her daughters dog and watch it for her while she goes to Arizona. We will see what the weather is like and go from there. We had fun today, it was and adventure, not as exciting as I had hoped, but we made it back home save and sound and were able to laugh about being nuts enough to even try going. When I got home I made a pot of chili in the crock pot, filled the fireplace with wood and got some extra wood up close to the house so I am ready for this snowy storm.
Tonight I will be in my warm jammies and having a class of wine in front of the fire, watching the snow blow. Doesn't get much better than that.... warm wishes for all that are going to get this snow storm...

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  1. Sandy, think you made a good decision not to go..looks nasty and why take a chance?? You can go another day:)