Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dog Day

My neighbor and I were finally able to head out to Chicago to pick up her daughters dog. His name is Beau and you just have to love that face. I was looking forward to a great adventure. Dang it, roads were clear all the way in, and even downtown Chicago was cleaned up better than I expected. We were able to park along the street, which surprised us both.
We took a little different route into Chicago and came home her other usual way. The only adventure we had were the last few miles close to home, the roads were not as well cleaned off and snow was blowing across the road. Other than that we had a very uneventful trip. I am not complaining mind you, I was glad there were no problems, just had been cooped up for a while after our last big storm, needed the change of scenery and maybe a little bit of excitement. I think the only excitement I had was I was sitting in the large boxers seat up front by the driver. You could tell by the way he stared at me that he thought I should be in the back not him, all 3 hours coming home, he gave me "the look". The look was hard to take with that sweet, gentle face. When Carol dropped me off at my house, he jumped into the front with a happy grin, like, Good, She is GONE...
We ate at a nice restaurant down in the Lincoln Park area called Clark's. It was nice, very good service, great seats by the window so you could soak up the sun and watch people go by. I had a gyro, it was loaded with meat and excellent. I don't get a good gyro very often, people make them so many different ways, but this was good, and I really enjoyed it. When I get out of the rural comfort zone I have been forcing myself to try different foods. I was a steak and potatoes, no veggies person when I met my husband, I even ate nothing but cheeseburgers for a couple of years. Morning, noon and night. Love them, can't get enough of them...mmm. But, thanks to Joe, I now try lots of new foods. If your ever in that area check out Clark's you won't be sorry. The picture of me with a large photo hanging on the wall was taken at Clark's. The cast of the movie Public Enemy came into Clark's for a beer. It is a great picture and you would swear it was taken back in the Capone days.
The picture of the snowplows was taken just a few miles from home, our adventure was coming to an end, and we were both glad to be home again.


  1. burrrr the snow makes me shiver ... but part of it makes me long for home ... just a little bit ..

  2. Beau is absolutely PRECIOUS! All of my dogs are indignant if we don't allow them to 'rule' the household!