Monday, January 31, 2011

more SNOW

In case you haven't heard we are supposed to get a lot of snow, a foot or more is coming our way. I told a friend I would ride along with her to Chicago Tuesday, which is the day it is supposed to start snowing. I am so ready for an adventure! I don't care at this point if we have to stop somewhere on the way home, any thing for a change. I even think sitting in the car for a few hours would be better than just sitting here at home. I am starting to get the blahs.... My husband is not to happy that I said yes I would ride along with her. But, I am so ready to get out of the house. Chicago is about 3 hours away, give or take, depending on the traffic. My friend is going to pick up her daughters dog to dog sit while her daughter goes to Arizona for a few days. We have fun when we go out together so I am really looking forward to this.. like I said it is an adventure, and we all need a little of that in our daily routines. I have high expectations for this little trip, just watch, the weather will be good, and no surprises. I can handle that too, just need a little change of scenery in my life right wish us well on our drive..will be a long day.

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  1. They are expecting nasty weather down here in Texas as well. Although in my experience, when they hype the winter weather, it never comes. And down here they don't salt or have a nice fleet of salt trucks either so I prefer not to drive even with my WI/MN experience. And down here it's a lot of ice because the temps are around the freezing point and it normally starts out as rain and transitions to nastier things.