Friday, February 11, 2011

Girl Time

Wednesday my daughter Lacey and I went shopping and spent some much needed time together. She works a lot and we don't get to see each other as much as I would like. I am lucky because she only lives about 8 miles from us, so, if she ever really needs me I can be there quickly. We have a good time together, and lots of laughs. She is a picture nut just like me. We now carry our cameras every where we go. Sometimes we have the sales clerk take a picture for us or we just do the take it your self shot. Lacey is so good at that, taking your own picture. I try and try and get half of me or half of the other person, I still don't know what the trick is. She has showed me over and over, but, I have to take about 6 before I get one that is ok. She has been doing it for years...and with the new digital cameras it is fun because you can DELETE the ones you don't want anyone to see. I love that! Sometimes I take 30 pictures and delete most of them. The ones I keep are usually pretty good. I hate to admit it
but sometimes when I am home alone, I try to take a nice picture of myself. I have had some very scary looking shots, I can't delete them fast enough. But, that is what makes it fun, you can always say that great shot you got was just a spur of the moment one, no big deal. Never tell them that it was one out of 20....

I always enjoy my time with Lacey. I love my baby girl, I am proud of who she has turned into. If my mother was alive she would be proud too. I now understand the power of a daughter.

I have been unemployed for a over a year now and my unemployment has stopped. When I do go out with my daughter now, she pays for lunch.. How wonderful is that. She is taking care of me now... She is a good person...I did a good job.

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