Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Day on the Deck!

Snow is almost gone!

What a great SUNNY day!

I am so excited! It was warm enough with the sun shinning to sit out on our deck for the first time this year.... I love it. I had forgotten how wonderful it can be. I didn't even look to see what the temperature is, we just put our coats on, cushions on the chairs and grabbed a drink. The sun felt wonderful on our faces.
We managed to stay out about a half an hour, enjoyed every moment of it too.

Baxter and his shadow were catching my eye, I love shadows and could not pass up a photo opportunity.

Joe was talking to Baxter and I just laughed when I saw the way Baxter was looking and listening to Joe, too funny. Wish Bax would listen when I talk like that, but then I am always talking to the dog..

The job is going alright, just have tired, sore legs from standing all day, other than that it is fun... I know I am jumping the gun but I have corned beef in the crock pot today, had a new recipe to try and now that I am "working" I wanted to have some leftovers in the frig. I also made some stuffed pepper soup for lunch, it was the first time I tried making the soup and it was great. We love stuffed peppers but the soup is a lot quicker and just as good.

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  1. It looks wonderful out on your deck. What a fabulous view and such a nice sunny day!