Wednesday, March 2, 2011

At least it was an outing

Today I had a job interview in Sterling, IL at the new Kohl's. I arrived a little too early and sat in the car for a while. People just kept coming, and the store has not opened yet so you knew all those people were there for an interview. It was one of the strangest ones yet, 3 of us sat together with an interviewer, she asked all of us the same question and then would flip through the apps and write down comments as we sat there. Of course the other two there with me were like babies, maybe in their 20's, not even to sure about that. I should have licked my thumb and went to wipe something off their face. Like moms do, or maybe like GRANDMA's do. While I was standing outside waiting for my time I saw lots of old ladies come out... gees I was just one more.
The funny thing about this whole job app was I had tried a while back to get on line and apply at this new Kohl's but all the interview times were taken. I tried off and on for a couple of weeks and quit. On a whim one day I tried again and got farther than I had ever gotten before, well, I was so excited about getting to apply that I whizzed on by what I was applying for so fast that I didn't know what I had applied for. When I was done applying I tried to go back and see what I had applied for but of course it would not let me. I was so relieved when someone called to confirm my appointment yesterday and they mentioned that I had applied for the Credit Card Greeter. All this time I have put off applying at WalMart because I was afraid I would be the old lady greeter. Oh well, I went to the interview. Good thing is that if they don't call me by late afternoon Thursday I will know I didn't make the cut. How shameful, I can't even make the grade as a credit card greeter, oh well, you know what, I am sooooo much more than that,I am Sandy, able to leap small puddles, eat an entire pizza by myself, cook steak on the grill and get the table set, taters baked, veggie in the microwave, and still have time to sit for a few minutes. I can do anything.

I love this picture, I just caught some rainbow before my interview! Nice way to start a day....

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  1. My mother is going through trying to find a job right now. Been unemployed for a year, turns 61 on St. Patty's Day. I think she applied to be the Wal-Mart greeter and didn't get the position.