Wednesday, March 23, 2011

brr cold again,,,,,

I have been working part time at Kohl's for a few weeks now, and I am afraid this Friday may be my last day. It was only a temp job but I took it in hopes of more. I have not been called or let know that they want to keep me on, I can't say that I am not just a little disappointed. But on the upside, I am good, I did my best and we were told that we, the credit card greeters were number 3 in the opening of Kolh stores in the nation with having people sign up for cards. Considering the size of the area here, and that it is not that big, I was very happy to have been a part of that. We all worked hard to reach our goals but we did it with respect and kindness to the customers coming in. On Grand Opening Day 3 of us, (and yes, I was one of the 3) met our goals and Kohl's is buying our lunch. It was a different type of job for me but I was glad that I met the goals each day I worked and Kohl's is a very nice place to work. They stress team work, and I liked that.

I had to include a picture of my buddy Baxter dressed for Saint Patty's Day.. He is such a good sport.

I bought myself a new toy, a Nook color from Barnes and Noble. I love it so far. I have already finished one book. It was on the small side, but, I finished it and am ready for another one. I have not read for years. Any time I went into a bookstore I came out with a cookbook. The cookbooks are my form of relaxation. I lay on the floor in front of the tv and drool over the wonder foods staring back at me. I find my peace in a cookbook and I think I always will, but I want to get back into reading, just for fun, with a cookbook included every once in a while. See what happens when you get a job for a while. I spent all my money! It sure felt good!

We have been having goofy weather here. Today it tried to snow and it is cold again. Sunday when Joe and I ran to Rockford to get a Nook reader we drove in the rain and even some hail. Next day - in the 50's.

Teasers. We just have to wait. We have sat out on the deck a few times and it felt just wonderful. I have a fire in the fireplace to night.

more later, everyone have a wonderful night and an even better day!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the job Sandy! I hope in the end they keep you on as I realize how difficult it is to find a job! GOOD LUCK!