Monday, January 24, 2011

pants won't close!

Oh, my, I am still laughing. My husband, Joe, always the lean one, the one to point out to me that I just ate and why am I eating again... the one to say "your having seconds?" or God forbid, thirds... the one to brag about never having a hunger pain. . . Picture this... He calls me into the bedroom as he is getting ready to go to a physical therapy appointment, there he stands, jeans spread open and he asks if I can help him get them shut. Of course he waits till the last minute to get ready to go anywhere, I grabbed ahold and pulled, nothing happens, he sucks it in a little more, still nothing.. and he has to comment about those jeans are the only ones clean of course. My clothes are all washed and clean but not his. I start to laugh as I am tugging, trying to close this giant gap.. I asked him what size jeans he was trying to wear, and very sheepishly he said "38" which is what he wears, sometimes 36's. I can only giggle a little more. He is trying to not laugh when I break up, which only gets me to laughing more. I finally yell out" It is half way through! " I am yanking, stretching and pushing his little muffin top up and over the jeans as much as I can. " 3/4's of the way there.!...." Did you ever try to get your hands in someone elses tight jeans to button them up, it's all backwards! Plus laughing doesn't help at all. Working together as a team we did it... took 2 but we got the job done, he couldn't get his wallet or his car keys in his jeans but hey the jeans were on and latched. I told him he better not have to go to the bathroom after all of that. I don't know how he will get his wallet out when he stops at Walmart.. I can hear him asking the clerk to help him...mmmm, that sounds like another story.. As he heads out, I hear him mumbling about stopping at Goodwill for some larger pants, maybe..


  1. Too funny! He had better hope he doesn't 'pop' his button ~ he could take out someone's eye!

  2. Hahahaha, that is hilarious...I have had to try to zip and button shorts and jeans when Carl has had his shoulder surgeries and it's pretty hilarious. But better that they are too small..oops too many goodies!


  3. That's tooo funny!! I could see that happening with my hubby and I .... He hates that he's gained weight over the years and still tries to fit into clothes he shouldn't LOL