Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tea time

Sat down last night and made myself a cup of tea, using my pretty little cup and pot. I go in spurts with tea, I like it for a while, then I am good and don't care if I have it or not. But when I am in the mood, yes the tea mood, I do like it. Our exchange student from Germany gave me lots of different tea, and I am going to work on trying them this winter. Some of them taste like warm cranberry juice, not like our regular tea, some taste like cider, these teas are comfort tea, you just sit and sip and enjoy all the flavors. mmm
Today I made banana bread, which is one of Joe's favorites, and hope to make a cake later in the day. When I fire up the oven I try to make as much as I can, and I am a messy cook, sometime I will share a photo of the poor sink and counters. I made meatballs too, trying a new recipe that has bacon in it. First time I made it a few days ago no one could taste the bacon so this time I left it out, you may not taste it but these meatballs need the bacon. They were no where near as good as the first batch. Oh well, I like cooking and like to play around with the recipes, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I know I will put the bacon in the next batch.
I caught Baxter looking in the oven door while my meatballs were cooking, this is the first time I have seen him do that. He knows he has to go sit down out of my way when I open the oven but he was actually looking at the meatballs, silly dog.
I have been so hungry for tuna and noodles I thought today was a good day to make some, water boiling, cans opened ready to go. When the noodles were ready to drain I grasped the pot and turned to the sink to drain them, guess what ?, the handle broke off the pot and the pot fell to the ground spilling boiling water and noodles all over the floor. I was so very lucky today not to have that boiling water hit me. My foot got splashed with hot water but that was all, it could have landed on my chest or legs. I never pulled my sock of as fast as I did today. When I went back to check the damage in the kitchen I was looking for the handle that came off, it was still in the pot holder on the counter. I am still so thankful, it could have been so much worse. Baxter was in the kitchen with me all morning, right in front of the sink. I hate to think he could have had a pot of boiling water and noodles all over him. My foot hurts bad enough, better me than all over him. He was on his cushion sleeping at the time. He must have sensed something was up because he came and sat by me looking at me so sadly, I said I hurt and he laid his head on me, so sweet, and he didn't even step on my foot.

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  1. Cooking can be dangerous! Heather made us turkey and noodles for supper and fresh cornbread. I just buy what I'm told. I hope you didn't get burned too badly.