Monday, November 29, 2010

no excitement here

I enjoy my drive to work and back so much. The sky is ever changing and clouds like you can't believe. I have driven by this tractor several times and each time I think I should take a picture of it before it is to late. It has a peacefulness about it. It has done it's job and now resting, or should I say rusting. It makes me think of all of us, the time comes when we have to step back, rest, let someone else do the work. Hope I am able to step back and rest. The image of that tractor and I may blend together someday.
Baxter, my English bulldog and I laying on the floor, which is my all time favorite place, watching a little tv. He doesn't usually lay silently beside me. He has to get a toy and drop it on my head or back, and just consistently annoy me. If I ignore him he starts nipping at me. So this picture is what I told my husband Joe was the perfect moment and a perfect dog. Some people can't understand why I take so many pictures, it is a second in time, never repeated, caught for us to return to when we need reminded of that split second. I know it is a moment that is in my head also, like so many moments that there are no pictures of, but I get a tremendous feeling when I see some of my pictures, a reminder of sorts, of how precious each second of each day is. I will still say "Take a Picture!" as long as I can...


  1. Really enjoy your blog.

    I think I saw that tractor yesterday if it was on the Hwy to Savanna just sitting out there all by it's lonesome. Of course that tractor could be anywhere I guess out here!

    You know I enjoy your pictures!

  2. Sandy, this is a zen-like statement. Very profound!