Monday, November 22, 2010

strange weather for November

November 22nd, 2010, and it is 66 degrees! Just walked outside and it is sprinkling a little and thunder is rumbling in the distance, heard there were tornado watches out. It is freakishly warm out there today.... clouds are blowing by quickly so maybe any storms will pass by us....thunder is getting closer and more frequent ... Well, while I was sitting here the rain began, no wonder the thunder got so loud, it was here. Rain only lasted a few minutes and thunder is once again in the distance, it is moving quickly..
My husband, Joe, just got home from Freeport, and I just have to share, he was in Walmart and it was raining, just a little and he headed on out to the car, now you have to know Joe walks with a cane, and is not real fast, as he gets to his car it lets loose! He said it just poured and hailed, and on his bald head no less. He said that did not feel very good. Joe was in a hurry to get to Pizza Hut because he had ordered a pizza, and in his haste he left his cane in the cart.. he pushed the cart to the cart corral and hurried to get in the car and found his seat full of rain and everything inside soaked too. His sweatshirt was still soaked when he arrived at home. But, back to the cane, he left it in the cart at Walmart ; when he pulled up to Pizza Hut a large black truck pulled up beside him and a man hollered over at him and said he had followed him from Walmart with his cane in hand. Just shows you no matter how bad the storm, a little sunshine miraculously appears now and then. I still get the chuckles when I think of it hailing on his bald head..... I am bad.....

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